Welcome to the official website of Blue Grass Dental Society!

Our mission is to improve the dental health of all Central Kentuckians by providing member professionals the resources and benefits that facilitate the practice of quality, ethical dentistry.

The Blue Grass Dental Society is a component of the Kentucky Dental Association (KDA).  The KDA, in turn, is a constituent of the American Dental Association.  KDA dentists have pledged to meet standards of practice and ethics in addition to those required by law.  These dentists have specifically pledged to:

  • Serve, enhance and represent all aspects of the dental profession in Kentucky.

  • Promote oral health of the public we serve.

  • Maintain a public voice supported by a high level of active membership.

  • Provide a high level of support and service for our membership.

  • Promote the delivery of ethical care based on both established and emerging scientifically sound principles.

  • Be an advocate for the dental profession and oral health in public and governmental arenas.